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Approximately 14% of noise-exposed manufacturing workers experience some form of hearing impairment (NIOSH). Hearing protection for industrial workers is critical, and with our custom moldable earplugs, you can be confident that your hearing is protected.


Hearing safety is critical in industrial and manufacturing environments. With our earplugs, you'll provide employees with a remoldable hearing protection solution that works, stays put and also helps reduce costs on safety spending. Say goodbye to excess packaging, long catalogs or the need for additional tips at individual rates. Not to mention, no more foam plugs on the floor.


The combination of extremely high isolation and an unsurpassed secure fit is ideal for all day comfort. Decibullz Custom Molded Earplugs are the perfect addition to your hunting gear.

  • Easily and quickly fitted to the exact shape of your ear

  • Re-moldable to ensure the perfect fit

  • Utilizes natural pressure points for all-day comfort

  • Low-profile design provides superior noise isolation

Simply heat the molds is boiling water for 5 minutes, let cool, then shape to your ears. It's that easy!

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Easy Shape Earpiece

Decibullz are easily molded to fit your ears using only hot water.


Reusable and Remoldable

Custom earpieces can be easily remolded.

Simply re-heat and re-shape.


31dB Sound Protection

Earplugs conform to the exact shape of your ears for superior isolation and won't fall out.

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