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Rob Collins

AKA - The Ole Hedge Creeper

Role: What doesn't he do

Time Shooting: Born with a gun, 45 years plus

Level: Various disciplines fully qualified international pistol, rifle and shotgun coach

Decibullz: Earplugs and Percussive Filters


Decibullz : I love them all

Gun : this is a difficult question, for me its using the right hammer to hit the right nail in the hole,

Air Rifles I love my Air Arms air rifle of which I have many, my Favourite calibre is the .22 I am not a 177 fan, as in my heart I am a hunter, I love using my old BSA Martini Action .22LR with open sights for target shooting and hunting small game ie rabbits, squirrels etc using Eley Subsonic Ammunition, a scope makes it all too easy for me and I love the challenge using time learnt field craft, larger bore rifles, long distance marksmanship all I love, but I must say I take great pleasure in using my Old English side by side 16 Bore Shotgun, it was built by Petersons and Sons of Peterborough circa 1891 so that's over a 130 year old gun, she is as sweet on the eyes and in the arms as she was in my Great Grandfathers Day, there just something nostalgic about using a traditional gun of my ancestry, but when it comes to shooting sports I love it all no matter what gun I have in my hands, Shotgun, Air Rifle, Pistol or Rifle.

Cartridge : again that's a difficult question, you see most shotguns,rifles, air rifles or pistols are fussy in what suits them, I love my Air Arms Field Diablo air pellets in .22 they are m go too pellet, but the new Olympia Shot pellets come in equally good too, I am very impressed with them, no matter if I am shooting target or hunting I require the very best from my ammunition, I weigh and pellet size everything, my philosophy is the quarry I seek deserve the best and a humane precise strike, the same precision I require from my target shooting, my favorite cartridge is the Hull Special Pigeon Fiber Wad 32g no6 shot, I have used this right across the board in the past, but now I am restricted to pest control/pigeon and crop protection and game shooting with them, if I am clay shooting I love the Eley Select First 21g cartridges they don't beat you up, they are great for coaching young folk and ladies and kills the target well at good distances, rifle ammunition I use The Eley .22LR subsonic ammunition for all my target shooting and hunting, actually as The Eley Out Doors International Ambassador you would expect me to say that, but no I have been using those for over 40 years since my Uncle Dave taught me small bore rifle shooting, he still to this day wont use anything else, so if its good enough for my uncle Dave they are good enough for me

Discipline : far too man to name all over the globe, but a private rifle and pistil range in Austin Texas USA holds very special memories.

Fun Fact About me : there's always something awesome happening in my life, again check out my websites and social media for the latest news and more

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My Thoughts...

"World renowned Countryman covering all shooting sports and country sports, Conservationist, Journalist, Author, Game Chef, Professional pest controller, Champion of the young sports, Head Honcho and Pointy Hat Wearer at the world renowned Really Wild Adventures and so much more, check my websites out or follow me on social media."

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In other – Me We: Rob Collins, Linked In: Rob Collins, Tumbler: Rob Collins, Twitter: Rob Collins, there is probably more the young sports signed me up to I cant keep up with them all.

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