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Clay Shooting Instructor

Role: Shotgun - Sporting Targets - Game Shooting - Competitions

Time: Shooting: 7 Years

Level: Instructor / Competition Shooter

Decibullz: Earplugs and Percussive Filters

"As there are very few female instructors in the industry, I took the leap last year and I have to say I love my job! I teach many Ladies, Gent and also a few Children (ages 8+).

I am a shooting instructor based in Yorkshire, helping introduce the sport to new clients and helping those who do shoot that need to work on certain targets etc."


BEST TIP: " Drop by for some coaching "


Decibullz : I love them all

Gun : 12 bore Browning 525 Sporter One

Cartridge : Gamebore White Gold or Hull CompX

Discipline : SPORTING

Ground : Coniston Shooting Ground - North Yorkshire

Fun Fact About me : I am a keen mole catcher!

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The Future .....

"I have become part of ‘Dynamic Ladies Shooting Club’ this year covering Yorkshire and Lancashire area. This group has amazing support from many companies and the perfect way for ladies to learn to shoot and meet other ladies and make friends aswell as a new hobby.

Planned Events: I have a few ladies competitions booked and also some simulated game days planned. All updates are on my social media."

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