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The first DIY custom molded truly wireless earphones that easily form to the exact shape of your ears.

Simply heat the Decibullz thermo-fit earpieces in water and press them into your ears for a perfect fitting earphone that will never fall out or become uncomfortable.

Let's face it, earphones are worthless if they don’t stay in your ears.

Not only will the Decibullz earphones stay in your ears no matter what, they also feature award-winning sound engineering,

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  •  IPX7 waterproofing

  • One of the longest battery life on the market.

We have made Black Diamond water, sweat, and dust proof. 

With an IPX7 waterproof rating, they can go wherever you go and do whatever you do.

We achieve this by combining the latest hydrophobic electronic nanocoating with a watertight earphone enclosure.


The Black Diamond earphones feature a digital audio passthrough allowing you to hear external sounds when you want it and shut it out when you don't. Decibullz makes some of the best hearing protection so it's no surprise that our earphones do an amazing job of blocking out external noise.

The Black Diamond earphones are one of the longest lasting true wireless earphones available.

  • 25 hours of total play time and 5+ hours of continuous music playback. 


Even the box is magnetic so they wont fall out!

What sets us apart?



We include everything you need to make the best fitting true wireless earphones with ease.

What's In The Box?

  • Decibullz Black Diamond Earphones 

  • Thermo-fit Custom Earpieces

  • Press-fit Molding Tool

  • Custom Silicone Canal Tips S, M, L

  • USB C Charging Cable

  • Instructions

Simply remove the earphones from the charging case and pair to your phone. Seriously, that's it!

The earphones will then automatically sync to your phone everytime they are removed from the charging case.