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AKA - Soft Cock

Role: Airsoft Player and Marshal

Time Shooting: He was born with a softy


Decibullz: Earplugs and Percussive Filters

"I have been using butt plugs for a number of years. It gets me throught he day and has taken alot of training. I love decibullz as i can re mold it to the shape of a cucumber and use it to my pleasure. "


BEST TIP:  Dont shove it all in at once

"I am new to shooting but I have been progressing well!

It came to me far more naturally than I expected, having won my first competition in September."


Dream :"I am really looking forward to joining the CPSA in January and aiming for the stars!"


Decibullz : I love them all

Gun : ?????

Cartridge : ??????

Discipline : SPORTING

Ground : Park Farm in Worcestershire

Fun Fact About me :


My Thoughts...

"Having used my Decibullz ear protection for the past year I thought they couldn’t get any better…. Until I used the percussive filters! 


What a huge difference these filters make! I have used them shooting pigeons and clays, when pigeon shooting, I could clearly hear birds flying behind which then prepared me for them coming into sight. Not only that, but shooting is also a very social sport, these percussive filters allow you to maintain communication without having to remove your hearing protection every 5 minutes! 


They are, in my opinion, the best hearing protection on the market."

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